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Happy 38th Birthday to MCS’ very own, Josh Cain!

Episode 27 - Matt Taylor



Tony's best friend and former bandmate, Matt Taylor of Motion City Soundtrack, stops by this week.  Even though they’ve been friends for nearly 22 years, communication quickly becomes difficult because they ate way too many burgers.  Like, a lot of them. They also finally unveil a song they wrote together 3 years ago.  This will forever be known as the burger episode.  Burgers. 

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I am a little late on posting this, but, in case you guys missed it - Listen to Tony’s podcast Feliz Navipod with special guest, Matt Taylor!

Hi MCS fans,
I got this hoodie on the Even If It Kills Me tour in 2007. I’ve worn this thing probably twice, washed it twice too. I’m selling it because I want it to go to a true MCS fan. It doesn’t deserve to live in my closet anymore. It deserves to be on your back. It’s size is LARGE. $30, shipping included. Serious inquiries only! USA only, sorry. ampijpers [at] gmail [dot] com. 



A young Matty Healy talking about Motion City Soundtrack.



Just a heads up, if you wanna follow updates from the guys about the recording of the new album on any respective social media sites just follow that hashtag! LET’S GET EXCITED.


MCSLP6 - hand porn Nuts Noises (x)


I’m on the newest episode of the  Man School podcast  with Caleb Bacon.  For the first time, I discussed my departure from Motion City Soundtrack at length.  Not a super easy thing for me to talk about, but I’m glad I did.  

Listen here.  

I recommend that every MCS fan give this a listen.

- Alisa

June Book Narcs Update


Hello lovely book narcs! We have an update for the month of June.

As you may or may not know, Motion City Soundtrack, and therefore our very own Justin Pierre, will be recording a new record this month!

The past few weeks have included a lot of the dudes getting ready for that recording—so, despite our best intentions, we were unable to squeeze in recordings for the month of June.

Motion City Soundtrack record > Book Narcs for now. We hope you understand and stick with us, until we come back at you in July. And we WILL come back at you in July.

Until then, we will try to post some cool stuff this month, and maybe even a video or two for your pleasure.

Thank you for your continued love and support—you guys are THE BEST.

We will be back soon enough.

We love you.